Zainab Abdullah

I was recently selected as a Parent Governor for the school.  I have experience in this role from previous school’s that my son attended where I supported school staff, governors, parents and pupils to maintain the smooth running of the school; voiced parents and pupils concerns and worked towards amicable solutions; tried to make sure that all parents were being fairly represented; assisting in the direction and leadership of the school; ensuring that the school strives to provide the highest standards of education possible; participated in fundraising initiatives to purchase new resources and off-set trip costs.

I am genuinely interested in offering my help and skills to develop and enhance the school’s progression in education and with the community. I was born locally and am of Zanzibari (Tanzanian), Omani and English decent.

I attended Greenwich  University where I qualified in Youth and Community Work. I have been working in Tower Hamlets in this field for over twenty years as a manager of a youth provision liaising with the voluntary and statutory sectors and contributing to the decision making processes that affect the local and wider communities.

I am experienced in ensuring that policies and procedures are carried out professionally to safeguard children, young people, staff and the general public.  I also engage young people in programmes and activities to broaden their knowledge and skills and help them become confident individuals. For instance, in the last academic year I worked in partnership with the school to facilitate archery skills sessions where pupils completed an archery AQA award, and a ASDAN Volunteering award.

As a parent , I care deeply about the education of my son and the quality and standards of the school.  I believe that by working together and fostering good channels of communication between the governors, staff and parents we can identify and meet the different educational needs of all pupils and improve their achievements, aspirations, potential, and life chances.  My aim is for pupils to be well informed, confident and happy individuals who become good role models as Muslims and members of their communities and the wider society.