Why Ebrahim Academy?

Ebrahim Academy offers some unique features for students and their parents

Memorisation of the Holy Quran

An early morning Hifdh session from 8am to 9:45am. The Hifdh classes are small and students are grouped according to similar abilities. Students move to higher classes as they progress.

Small Class Sizes, Focused Attention

National Curriculum subjects are taught by qualified and experienced teachers who can give greater individual attention to students due to our unique small size of classes (currently averaging 15 students per year group, and will not exceed 20 students per year group).

Progress Monitoring and Interventions

Students’ progress is monitored closely and interventions put in place at an early point to make sure students do not fall behind and quickly catch up with others in the class.

Cognitive Ability Testing

Accurate target set at the beginning of the academic year based on CATs tests. Students are then stretched to make exceptional progress to exceed those targets.

Financial Assistance

Financial support is available to those parents who are in need of it (Ebrahim Academy’s policy is to support those students and parents who are eager to be educated or to educate their son/s in safe environment conducive to the needs of Muslims).

Parental Engagement

Ebrahim Academy has a dedicated PTA to engage parents in the education of their sons at the academy.

A Variety of After School Clubs

Ebrahim Academy offers a number of after-school clubs both academic and extra-curricular in nature.

Careers Curriculum

Provides a careers curriculum from year 7 to year 11, including the Duke of Edinburgh Award and work experience in year 10.

Congregational Prayers

Students are able to pray their salah in time and in congregation. Students are also trained to lead salah.

Student Testimony

Studying at Ebrahim Academy for 5 years has got to be the most enjoyable and most amazing experience I’ve ever had.

I was in the second batch of students which meant that I went through many transitions. Every year, it just got better and better. Ebrahim Academy allowed me to become their first ever Haafidh and I achieved the highest GCSE grades out of everyone. As a result, I was admitted into one of the top 3 colleges in the UK! However, being in this environment surrounded by amazing scholars, teachers and hard working companions, I found that I began to feel a certain desire to further educate myself in Islamic Studies. I am now pursuing to become an Aalim back where it all started… Ebrahim College.


Salman Ahmed (Final Academic Year: 2014-15)