Faster, Stronger and Smarter Workshop at Wellcome Collection

Ebrahim Academy students from Years 9 and 11 attended a ‘Faster, Stronger and Smarter’ workshop at the Wellcome Collection on Thursday 28th April.

The main focus of the day was testing the hypothesis ‘does practice increase your fitness, strength and intelligence?’.

The day involved a carousel of activities, from musical chairs testing eyesight and speed, to cup & ball games testing hand to eye coordination and memorisation of assorted items. Students were tested multiple times to see if indeed practice made them better. Although the findings were less than conclusive for such a small cohort, students learnt to appreciate the need to practice, read, re-read and put in hard work without which a onetime effort tends to mean nothing. The students really took an active part, participating in all activities, discussions and showing well-reasoned thinking and excellent use of vocabulary.

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