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Deaf Awareness

Ebrahim Academy students had the pleasure of receiving guest speakers from Al Isharah. Al Isharah is an organisation that aims to break down complex Islamic concepts and Quranic Arabic into a format that engages and works with Deaf educational needs. The students had the opportunity to engage in an assembly geared to bring awareness of the Deaf community as well practice some common English and Arabic words and phrases using…

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Sports Day 5
Ebrahim Academy Football
Sports Day 2
Sports Day 3
Sports Day 4

Sports Day

We had our annual sports day on Tuesday 13th July 2016. Students participated in different forms of athletics and finished off with a football tournament. Students and teachers all had a great day.  

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SM 2
SM 3

Science Museum

Year 8 and Year 7 had a great time on Wednesday 24th February, visiting the ‘Who am I?’ exhibition at the Science Museum. Students had the opportunity to engage in this interactive exhibit allowing them to investigate some of the big hot topics currently being studied in Psychology and question how our intelligence, memory and personality makes us who we are.  

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Kew 4
Kew 3
Kew  2
Kew 1

Kew Gardens

On Tuesday 9th February 2016 Year 9 students visited Kew Gardens as part of their Geography curriculum on climate zones and ecosystems. Students experienced a guided tour of the Palm House, a replica of a tropical rainforest environment. They were able to learn about the types of plants and how they are adapted to life in the Rainforest. In addition to the guided tour, students also visited a range of…

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Gudwara Visit 1
Gudwara Visit 2
Gudwara Visit 3

Gudwara Visit

In December 2015 as students were studying comparative religions, we organised an assembly for the local Gudwara leader to visit our school and give an insight to Sikhism. At a later date students had the opportunity to experience a wonderful visit to the Gudwara, where they met the local Guru and had a wonderful educational tour by the Gudwara leader.

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