As Muslims we are entrusted with custodianship in the world and promised accountability and reward in the hereafter. This requires us to be people who will make a positive mark in the world while being true to Allah, Exalted is He, as his creation and servants. Because of this outlook we live our lives striving to be the best we can to people around us, to God’s other creatures and to the world we live in.

When it comes to our children, our primary concern is to instil in them the foundations for living life according to this outlook. This begins with a lifelong connection with Allah’s book, the Holy Qur’an, the teachings of Islam and the life and example of the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him. We expect this to mould them in the Islamic traditions of selflessness, piety, responsibility and accountability, and a commitment to develop oneself to one’s full potential without being materialistic, arrogant or conceited.  Our children begin by memorizing as much of the Qur’an as they can, they study Arabic and Islamic studies and are mentored by young ulama who are UK trained and familiar with the backgrounds of our children. We then give them the best chances in life by helping them excel in national curriculum subjects and developing strong aspirations for their future.

We welcome you to our journey of ‘excellence in learning, excellence in teaching, and excellence in example’.

Shams Ad-Duha Muhammad
Governor / Trustee