Hammad Ahmed

My fascination with teaching and learning began long before I entered the teaching profession. My journey began in 1995 when I joined a volunteer program as an assistant teacher. The experience was extremely rewarding and I was determined to pursue a career in teaching.

In 1996 I graduated with BSc hons in chemistry from University College London. I also completed a PGCE for Secondary Science teaching from the university of Gloucestershire. I have taught sciences at GCSE and A level.

I have been a classroom practitioner for the last 18 years, and since January 2015, the Headteacher for Ebrahim Academy. I spent three years of my teaching career working in state schools and the rest of my time has been spent in a number of Muslim schools around Tower Hamlets. I understand the needs and the diversity of the community and I am determined to equip our students with the necessary skills to be successful in life.  Therefore, I believe a varied educational experience is essential, whereby children have the opportunity to develop resilience and embrace challenges with enthusiasm.

I believe gaining knowledge continues all your life and enjoy learning new skills. I continually challenge myself with DIY projects and find it hugely satisfying to complete tasks.

I love to travel and have been lucky to visit many countries across the globe enjoying many spectacular sights. I particularly appreciate the historical and cultural experiences I gained from my visits.