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Welcome to Ebrahim Academy

As Muslims, we are entrusted with custodianship in the world and promised accountability and reward in the hereafter. This requires us to be people who will make a positive mark in the world while being true to Allah, Exalted is He, as his creation and servants. Because of this outlook we live our lives striving to be the best we can to people around us, to God’s other creatures and to the world we live in.

When it comes to our children, our primary concern is to instil in them the foundations for living life according to this outlook. This begins with a lifelong connection with Allah’s book, the Holy Qur’an, the teachings of Islam and the life and example of the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him. We expect this to mould them in the Islamic traditions of selflessness, piety, responsibility and accountability, and a commitment to develop oneself to one’s full potential without being materialistic, arrogant or conceited. As a community who takes pride in its history, heritage and identity, we need to do more, much more, to make sure all of our children are educated in a system that gives them an excellent education, makes them proud of who they are, how their identity is a part of British society, and how their faith and culture makes a positive contribution to multi-cultural Britain.

Our children begin by memorizing as much of the Qur’an as they can, they study Arabic and Islamic studies and are mentored by young ulama who are UK trained and familiar with the backgrounds of our children. We then give them the best chances in life by helping them excel in national curriculum subjects and developing strong aspirations for their future.

Allah SWT says, “Indeed Allah commands you that you render back your trusts to those to whom they are due.” The Prophet SAW said, “Every one of you is a guardian and every one of you will be questioned about those in his guardianship.”

We welcome you to our journey of ‘excellence in learning, excellence in teaching, and excellence in example’.

Shams Ad-Duha Muhammad (Trustee / Governor)


Board of Governors

Name Type Committe Term of Office
Mohammed Bilal Abdullah Governors (Chair) GB / FSP 1st Sep 2015 – Present
Fatima Johura Governors (Vice Chair) GB / TL 1st Sep 2015 – Present
Shams Ad-Duha Muhammad Governor GB / FSP 1st Sep 2015 – Present
Mushfique Uddin Proprietor GB / FSP 1st Sep 2015 – Present
Hammad Ahmed Head Teacher GB / TL / FSP 1st Sep 2015 – Present
Simon Ibrahim Lawson Governor GB / FSP 1st Sep 2015 – Present
Sultana Begum Governor GB / TL 1st Sep 2015 – Present
Fakhrul Hussain Teacher Representative GB / TL 1st Sep 2015 – Present
Zainab Abdullah Parent Governor GB / TL 1st Sep 2015 – Present
Vacant Post Parent Governor GB / TL  (TBC)
GB Governing Body
TL Teaching and Learning
FSP Finance, Staffing and Premises


Chairs of Governors Contact Details:

Name: Mohammed Bilal Abdullah

Contact number: 078 2885 1080          Email address:

The contact details for the Chair of Governors is the same during term time and holiday days.

Proprietor Contact Details

Name: Mushfique Uddin

Contact number: 079 85 27 8332          Email address:

The contact details for the proprietor is the same during term time and holiday days.