Financial Assistance

We are committed to making education accessible to everyone.



“In 2015/16 we awarded £51,000 towards student subsidies and sponsorship and in 2016/17 we awarded £47,000”

As a charity that exists only to serve the community, our aim is simple, people who are able to pay should pay, people who cannot should not be turned away because of it.

At Ebrahim Academy, we are committed to making education accessible to everyone by supporting parents for whom financial constraints is a barrier. We will try our best to enable committed students to study at the academy insha Allah. This means that we may be able to subsidise some of the tuition fee cost. However, receiving financial support does not mean we are giving a discount on fees, it means we are paying for part of the fees by raising the money from donors and through fundraising. Therefore, we have to be realistic about how much assistance we can provide.

Any financial assistance provided will be subject to status. Only scholarships that are granted based on merit and aptitude are an exception. This means that awards will be means tested and parents/guardians of applicants will be expected to pay and finance what they can and prove that they cannot afford the remainder. This makes it fair for everyone and ensures that no one is refused admission due to unaffordability.

As it is purely to assist in cost of fees, Ebrahim Academy reserves the right to provide support as they see appropriate. Reasons for not being awarded support are not provided. Students who receive financial support do not automatically qualify for any other subsidies.

Fees Information

The school’s annual tuition fee is £4500.

Payment terms/methods:

  1. In full by the 1st of September (this will qualify you for a 10% discount.)
  2. 3 installments; 1st September, 1st December and 1st
  3. 10 installments; 1st September – 1st June.

* Parents who are unable to pay the full fees, have the option to apply for the following.

  1. Scholarship fund (up to £1000)

Scholarship fund is offered to students who achieve a level 6 or above in the CAT 4 test.

  1. Financial Support (up to £1000)

Financial support is available to parents if:

  • the parent/guardian is a single parent and on low income
  • the parent/guardian has low income
  • the parent/guardian is receiving benefits

* Please note, you will be required to complete a financial support application form for this option

  1. Siblings discount (£750)

You will be entitled to a 16.7% discount if you have more than one child attending the school.

If you are considering any of the above listed options, please let us know.

How to Apply

To apply for the scholarship fund, please contact us and we will arrange a date for your child to sit the CAT 4 test.

To apply for financial support please click on the link below:
Download Application Form

Please send all supporting documents along with your application.

Applications must be posted or handed into the Academy reception. You can also email your financial support application to:

Address the application to:
Ebrahim Academy
77 Greenfield Road
London E1 1EJ