Fair-trade Conference

The students at Ebrahim Academy have taken part in many Fairtrade workshops and events to help raise awareness of the injustice in pay and working conditions of the farmers. On Monday 10th October 2016, some of our students had the opportunity to attend a Fairtrade conference. This conference was very special, as not only did the boys learn about how Fairtrade have helped farmers around the world, but they also had the opportunity to meet Samuel and Esther. Samuel and Esther are two children that travelled all the way from Ghana to tell us how Fairtrade has helped them and their family. (Ustadh S. Begum)

“In the Fairtrade trip, we learnt about how Fairtrade helps the poor people included in trade, and about how it has changed their lives” – Fares Aggar, yr10

“In the Fairtrade conference, I learnt how farmers in Ghana produced cocoa, which is used to make the chocolate that we buy and eat”- Soheib, yr10

“In the Fairtrade trip, I have learnt many things such as how the money we pay for Fairtrade products benefit the farmers and the community” – Osama, yr10