Cricket Competition

In January students from year 8 competed in a cricket tournament organised by UMC (United Muslim schools championship). They competed against another 7 schools and came runners up coming home with silver medals.

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Gudwara Visit 1
Gudwara Visit 2
Gudwara Visit 3

Gudwara Visit

In December 2015 as students were studying comparative religions, we organised an assembly for the local Gudwara leader to visit our school and give an insight to Sikhism. At a later date students had the opportunity to experience a wonderful visit to the Gudwara, where they met the local Guru and had a wonderful educational tour by the Gudwara leader.

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Visit to Temple

Being a faith school, Ebrahim academy is committed to promoting the true Islamic values of peace, tolerance and harmony. Our ethos and curriculum encourages pupils to participate in society with the view of benefiting all peoples to a degree where they are become an asset to society at large. The compassionate teachings of Islam are regularly discussed and inter-faith activities are undertaken by our pupils to increase their understanding of other communities. Rights…

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