Brady Arts centre

Students have been attending sessions at the Brady arts centre where they have been covering different forms of still and life drawing. Students also worked with textiles and various forms of paints. Students are also studying drama, evaluating key characteristics and concepts of democracy and identifying and exploring some key dramatic techniques such as mime and synchronisation

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Digital Careers Show

Digital Careers Show at Ada College with the Year 9, 10 and 11 taking place at Ada College in North London in partnership with Mayor of London’s Office.

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Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award Challenge – Cycling Practice Expedition

On the 20th – 21st October 2016 students from years 10 and 11 participated in an overnight practice cycling expedition in Hertfordshire.  Prior to the trip six students were taught how to ride a bike with experienced staff from Urban Adventure Base in Mile End Park who also led the expedition along with school staff and a parent governor. The group also undertook a day long cycle ride as part…

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Fair-trade Conference

The students at Ebrahim Academy have taken part in many Fairtrade workshops and events to help raise awareness of the injustice in pay and working conditions of the farmers. On Monday 10th October 2016, some of our students had the opportunity to attend a Fairtrade conference. This conference was very special, as not only did the boys learn about how Fairtrade have helped farmers around the world, but they also…

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Faster, Stronger and Smarter Workshop at Wellcome Collection

Ebrahim Academy students from Years 9 and 11 attended a ‘Faster, Stronger and Smarter’ workshop at the Wellcome Collection on Thursday 28th April. The main focus of the day was testing the hypothesis ‘does practice increase your fitness, strength and intelligence?’. The day involved a carousel of activities, from musical chairs testing eyesight and speed, to cup & ball games testing hand to eye coordination and memorisation of assorted items.…

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Sherlock Holmes Museum

The Year 8’s and 9’s have been study the writing of Sherlock Holmes.  We have read and studied numerous stories with the main focus being on ‘Mystery unit’.  On Tuesday 9th February 2016 we visited the Sherlock Holmes Museum in Regent’s Park.  The setting for the museum is an old Victorian House over 4 floors including the attic.  Each room had a different theme with the top floor focusing on…

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Kew 4
Kew 3
Kew  2
Kew 1

Kew Gardens

On Tuesday 9th February 2016 Year 9 students visited Kew Gardens as part of their Geography curriculum on climate zones and ecosystems. Students experienced a guided tour of the Palm House, a replica of a tropical rainforest environment. They were able to learn about the types of plants and how they are adapted to life in the Rainforest. In addition to the guided tour, students also visited a range of…

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