MADE award 1

MADE in Europe Awards

Over the past two years, Ebrahim Academy has been working closely with MADE in Europe. The Academy in the past received a silver standard of the Beacon Award for their efforts, contribution and participation in MADE projects. On the 27th of September 2016, Ebrahim Academy was awarded the gold standards of the Beacon Award! Over two years students and teachers from the school have volunteered in the community, promoted fair trade,…

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Ali Muhammad Completes Quran Memorisation

Alhamdulillah we are delighted to announce that Ebrahim Academy student Ali Muhammad (year 10) has completed memorising the holy Quran. You can listen to Ali reciting the last portion of the Quran below. We pray that Allah SWT blesses Ali and his family and makes him successful in this world and the hereafter.  

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Sports Day 5
Ebrahim Academy Football
Sports Day 2
Sports Day 3
Sports Day 4

Sports Day

We had our annual sports day on Tuesday 13th July 2016. Students participated in different forms of athletics and finished off with a football tournament. Students and teachers all had a great day.  

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SM 2
SM 3

Science Museum

Year 8 and Year 7 had a great time on Wednesday 24th February, visiting the ‘Who am I?’ exhibition at the Science Museum. Students had the opportunity to engage in this interactive exhibit allowing them to investigate some of the big hot topics currently being studied in Psychology and question how our intelligence, memory and personality makes us who we are.  

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Duke of Edinburgh Expedition

This is the first year for our school and we are pleased to have the opportunity to offer our students the DofE Bronze award. The year 10’s have been busy participating in different activities and skills. Expedition is one of the skills required for students to show competency in, to be granted the award.

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