About Us

‘Excellence in learning, excellence in teaching, excellence in example’


Ebrahim Academy was established in September 2010 with the aim of creating an environment which is ‘Excellent in teaching’, ‘Excellent in learning’ and ‘Excellent in example’.

The aim of the Academy is to ensure that every student develops his Islamic character and becomes a positive role model in society. In order to aspire to this we foster a spirit of personnel development through the teachings of our Prophet Mohammed (SAW). Pupil’s spiritual development plays an important role in the school to create students who are self-motivated, determined and independent.

Our approach is to ensure that learning and teaching occurs through harmony. Pupils are given an opportunity to think, create and imagine in the classroom.

The Academy enjoys the process of learning and instills within the pupils a desire for lifelong learning. The Academy endeavors to engage helpfully with each other and to form purposeful links with local, national and global communities and organisations.

The Academy specialises in Memorisation of the Holy Qur’aan.

Our Vision

A Community of Excellence

The long-term vision of the Ebrahim Academy in collaboration with our sister organisation Ebrahim College is to produce Ulama and Individuals who are competent in the Islamic Sciences, and who also possess the professional skills necessary to serve, guide and lead the Muslim Community in the West.


Excellence in learning, excellence in teaching, excellence in example (ihsan)

Educate students with the Islamic values and beliefs and provide an excellent academic foundation for students to advance according to the capabilities bestowed on them by Allah (S.W.T.), to excel and achieve their career goals and live harmoniously within the wider community in United Kingdom.

School Aims

At Ebrahim Academy we aim to provide:

  • To help our students develop love for Allah, His Messenger and the religion of Islam;
  • To promote excellence in achievement through high expectations of every student and teacher;
  • To develop enthusiasm for lifelong learning in students;
  • To inculcate Islamic integrity in all students;
  • To prepare students for the duties and responsibilities of adult Muslim life
  • To prepare students who can live by the Islamic code of life uncompromisingly and who can inspire the Muslim Ummah to do the same
  • Social cohesion
  • The advancement of education both general and Islamic.