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Scholarships Available

We are committed to making education accessible to everyone

Memorisation of the Holy Quran

An early morning Hifdh from 8am to 9:45am. The best time for Hifdh according to most Hifdh teachers. The Hifdh classes are small and students are grouped according to similar abilities. Students move classes as they progress.

Small Class Sizes, Focused Attention

National Curriculum subjects are taught by qualified and experienced teachers who can give greater individual attention to students due to our unique small size of classes (currently averaging 15 students per year group, and will not exceed 24 students per year group).


Digital Progress Monitoring

We use GL Assessment, a leading provider of formative assessments to UK schools and schools in over 100 countries, to monitor the progress of our students.

Congregational Prayers

Students are able to pray their salah on time and in congregation. Students are also trained to lead salah.


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